4ARTechnologies AG

Leader in artwork digitization and handling security, 4ARTechnologies offers proven solutions for these challenges with its NFT+ standard.

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4ARTechnologies AG has caused a stir in the art world thanks to its digital platform, and they have secured $46 million in funding. Among the platform’s partners are AON, Hasenkamp, Ergo, Munich RE, Black Rock Inc., and many more. By combining blockchain technology with their patented solutions, they have impacted the world art market at a new level of development. Our collaboration as a PR and BizDev partner has resulted in successful deals with such corporations as AGA Russia, the State Hermitage Museum, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Winzavod, Art Play, PinchukArtCenter, and many more. We have also assisted with PR activities on media outlets such as Yahoo, Benzinga, Voice of America, and Russian media outlets.

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