Victoria Ustimenko

CEO & Founder

Victoria Ustimenko (Laskina) is prominent for her PR and Marketing prowess in diverse sectors such as biotechnology, cryptocurrency, fashion, and capital markets. Her global experience empowers her to provide top-tier public relations and business development solutions.


Hailing from the EU, Ms. Ustimenko is not only a prominent thinker with a multidisciplinary outlook for a brighter future.  Beyond her professional pursuits, she actively engages in philanthropy by volunteering for charitable initiatives like TAFFD’s and the Lifeboat Foundation.


As the CEO & Founder and primary shareholder of PRETO Business Corp (based in Fort Lauderdale, USA) and PRETO PR Services PTY (located in Johannesburg, SA), Ms. Ustimenko’s commitment to philanthropy shines. Notably, PRETO Business Corp. allocates approximately 10% of its profits to support global initiatives that shape trends for the better.


Whether you’re seeking support for your project or ready to embark on a thrilling journey of rebranding and brand development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


Your next big step towards success awaits!

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