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Cuboxing The Legendary Cuban Boxing Campus in the Olympic Village of Sochi, Russia We kicked off the debut of the international Cuban Boxing Campus […]

Abubakar Cross Suleimanov

Abubakar Cross Suleimanov The champion of the HardCore Fighting Club After Abubakar Cross Suleimanov, the champion of the Russian Fighting Championship of the HardCore […]

Vimana Global

Vimana Global Autonomous Dynamic Airspace System VIMANA Autonomous Dynamic Airspace System is a comprehensive solution that enables smart cities and regions to regulate a […]


Vanhealthing Crypto Fund of Biotech Innovations Vanhealhting is a crypto fund that is focused on investing in biotech innovations. Their primary goal is to […]


SingularityNet SingularityNET is a platform that connects AI service providers and users, and enables AI services to be integrated into applications. As a part […]


TAFFD´s Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion TAFFD is an international NGO established to become a center for pioneering ideas. Among the advisers of this […]

4ARTechnologies AG

4ARTechnologies AG Leader in artwork digitization and handling security, 4ARTechnologies offers proven solutions for these challenges with its NFT+ standard. 4ARTechnologies AG has caused […]


С Blockchain HR Software Solutions Our PR agency has been working closely with Chrono.Tech CEO Mr. Sergienko since 2017, Australia’s oldest blockchain business, to […]


1WorldOnline 1World Online is a Silicon Valley and Europe based company providing Consumer Intelligence Platform. It serves the entire web publishing enterprise. We have […]

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